I think it's safe to say we're officially in the dog days of summer. New dog parks are open, you can actually enjoy being outside with your dog, it's perfect! Just a little hot.

You know who'd like to enjoy these days with a new forever family? Our pal Lincoln:

IMG_0171 2

Lincoln is a 7-year-old yellow lab mix. We're not totally sure what the mix in him is, but he's definitely a muscular, lean pup. Although, "pup" may not technically be the right term here. Lincoln definitely has the curiosity of a puppy, but not necessarily the energy.

Lincoln's very chill, and exceptionally gentle. He won't jump at you, and when he takes a treat, he does so very softly. Speaking of treats, you should definitely have some on hand; he's very smart and will do a lot for those.

He does well with other animals, based on encounters he's had so far. Our only caution is kids; Lincoln may want an older family who won't push him too hard.

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