When you hear Rizzo, do you think baseball or Rydell High? Personally, i went for the Grease reference, but if you thought Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs, you were right. He is the namesake of our latest pet of the week:

Don't let his size fool you; Rizzo may look almost fully grown, but he's just 5 months old. He's as playful and curious as any kitten, but unlike most kittens, he's very gentle. He loved being held, and every time he was, he never extended his claws or tried to nip at anyone.

At this point though, we're not sure how he does with other pets. Well, more specifically, dogs. Rizzo does just fine with other cats so far. But the nice thing is, the Humane Society will do a meet and greet with your dog before you bring Rizzo home, just to be sure everyone gets along.

You can meet Rizzo today, and it'll cost you just $75 to bring him home!

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